Washing Vials Eliminates Contamination Risk

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Washing Vials Eliminates Contamination Risk

Date Added: 16th October 2012

Biopharma Process Systems have been providing top line processing machinery, scientific equipment and services to a wide variety of UK and Irish research institutes, small biopharm companies, major multinational corporations and academic departments for over 25 years.

Working closely with top international suppliers such as SP Scientific and PennTech Machinery Corp, Biopharma Process Systems (PBS) have established an enviable reputation based on their expert service and attention to every detail.

Their desire to source equipment that brings real practical benefits to their customers, whether it be in reduction of consumables, increased efficiency or space savings has meant that their profile continues to grow within the UK processing industries.

With respect to vial washing, an unavoidable component of Biopharm activity, it is no surprise to find that BPS are maintaining their reputation by supplying top of the range rotary and external vial washers.

The RW range of rotary vial washers available from BPS is especially chosen for their combination of functionality, practicality and design. The RW-1150 is a high-speed automatic vial washer particularly suitable for biotech and pharmaceutical applications. With an impressive output of 400 vials/min and a vial size range between 2 and 500ml.

A smaller medium speed (200 vials/min) option for smaller operations is offered by the RW-800. This has a smaller footprint but still offers many of the features of the larger machine, including intermittent spraying, recycled WFI and an automatic lift lifting mechanism.

Probably the smallest automated rotary vial washer that is still suitable for the full range of biotech and pharmaceutical applications is the RW-500. The vial output varies (40-200 vials/min) depending on the vial format and it can handle batches of between 10 – 25,000 vials.

The RW range features a proprietary non-penetrating design of nozzle to ensure that the generation of particulates through the moving parts is minimised. This also reduces downtime because it cuts back on vial damage caused by misalignments or misfeeds and restricts nozzle bending.

When it is important for your processing to also ensure that the outside of your vials or containers is completely decontaminated PBS are also at hand with a range of External Vial Washers. The EVW-Series offers a number of features to ensure the continued efficacy of your production, including a watertight seal that encapsulates vial caps to permit increased washing pressures and compressed air drying.

All fully controlled with a touch screen (password protected) interface the EVW series gives you longer processing times and short and reliable changeover times.

It is also not surprising then to find that BPS has become a company of choice for such prestigious organisations as Cancer Research UK, University College London, Pfizer, GSK, Southampton University and the National Blood Service. It could well be said that PBS are cleaning up.