Valve controller for fluid handling applications

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Valve controller for fluid handling applications

Date Added: 17th September 2012

Alfa Laval’s range of LKB butterfly valves offers a straightforward and practical solution for low and medium viscosity liquid applications, particularly where hygiene standards are a factor. Now, Alfa Laval offers Unique Control LKB — an integrated valve controller that is simple to install and operate, and that can help optimise process efficiencies and, in turn, deliver cost savings.

Consisting of an actuator and integrated automation unit, the Unique Control LKB removes the requirement for separate automation components, while offering an unprecedented level of intelligent control and durability. With intuitive and simple one-button system configuration, the Unique Control LKB can be ready for action around five times more quickly than it would normally take to configure a standalone control unit.

Based around an innovative air spring design, rather than a conventional mechanical actuator, the Unique Control LKB is a highly durable valve controller that has been tested at over a million strokes. Combined with a hard-wearing composite casing that is highly resistant against harsh environments, the Unique Control LKB could well be the most durable product of its type currently available.

Compatible with either conventional digital line or AS-Interface networking, this butterfly valve controller offers precision and efficiency while also maintaining stable operation — unlike some control units the Unique Control LKB is not sensitive to temperature variations or pressure shocks. This can help avoid needless and time-consuming false alarms that might otherwise lead to process being halted and subsequent downtime.

As one of the world’s foremost suppliers of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling solutions, Alfa Laval has a deserved reputation for design and engineering excellence. The Unique Control LKB valve controller meets the firm’s usual high standards, and delivers simplicity and control in a smart product that can help users achieve economical and effective processing in a wide variety of applications.