Ultrasonic Flow Measurement With The Flowline Ultraflux UF-322

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Ultrasonic Flow Measurement With The Flowline Ultraflux UF-322

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Flowline may be best known for their inline liquid and gas flowmeters for pipes and lines; but with the Ultraflux ultrasonic flow measurement range, the company shows that their expertise in flow measurement even extends to rivers and other open channels. The Flowline Ultraflux provides accurate flow measurement of water and other fluids traveling through open channels  using the well known time of flight principle and advanced ultrasonic technology.

The Ultraflux is designed for use in any shape or size of river or channel and excels at measuring extremely low flows, taking accurate readings of flow rates as low as 1 millimeter per second. The system is available with anywhere from one to six chords for velocity measurement, allowing each user to have a cost effective ultrasonic flow measurement system which meets their open channel flow metering needs precisely.

Advantages of Flowline's Ultraflux flow measurement system include easy installation, with little to no civil engineering work being necessary to put the system in place in channels and rivers of virtually any shape or size (the same system can be used in channels ranging in width from .5 meters to 200 meters), low operating costs due to Flowline's renowned design philosophy which emphasizes using only the absolute minimum of parts to ensure durability and minimizing maintenance needs.

Showcasing the company's nearly twenty five years of experience in the field, their ultrasonic flow measurement solutions have found applications in environmental studies, including, naturally enough, river flow measurement and ground water flow measurement, in food processing where it has been used to study water usage and hot oil flows.

Ultraflux systems are not only accurate, durable and easy to maintain; they're incredibly easy to install and configure as well, with software installation or on-site keypad programming being available to operate and manage the data collected by the Flowline Ultraflux UF-322. Whether for measuring the flow rates of rivers or the speed of liquid materials traveling through open channels indoors or out, the Ultraflux UF-322 ultrasonic flow measurement is without equal.