Turbine Flow Meters From Flowline

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Turbine Flow Meters From Flowline

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Flowline offers a range of inline turbine flow meters designed for low cost, accurate liquid flow measurement which are capable of working with a wide range of viscosity, offer a low pressure drop and durable construction for reliable performance. A variety of inline flow meter models are available for applications requiring the measurement of flow ranges between .75 to 1,200 US GPM (.17 to 273 cubic meters per hour).

These inline meters use a multiply bladed rotor which is turned by liquid flow at a velocity which is directly proportional to the velocity of the fluid, generating a signal which is equivalent to a specific fluid volume. This signal is an AC waveform which can be readily transmitted to instruments for bidirectional measurement of liquid flow.

Flowline inline turbine flow meters feature interchangeable internal parts, with a durable, explosion-proof coil boss and corrosion resistant tungsten carbide shaft and bearings. The meters can be operated in vertical or horizontal positions.

EMCO Turbo Bar insertion turbine flowmeters from Flowline are available in sizes suitable for lines which are between 3" and 80", all with the same unparalleled level of accuracy. These meters feature a one of a kind low mass rotor with no welded joints for additional durability. Turbo Bar meters are ideal for measuring gas or liquid flows with a rate accuracy of 1%, ± 0.25% repeatability and 35:1 turndown ratio.

These turbine flow meters may be used with lines in all sizes from 3" to 80", meaning significant savings: as much as 80% for 24" pipes and as much as 50% on 10% pipes when compared to other flowmeters.  Installation costs are also far lower than with full bore meters, with the cost of labor being as much as 70% lower. The meter may be removed without shutting down the process thanks to hot tap compatible installation, unlike many other inline flow meters.

The pressure drop is nearly nonexistent, lowering the cost of operation; and since the Turbo Bar can measure flow bidirectionally, a single meter can replace two existing unidirectional meters. EMCO Turbo Bar turbine flow meters are not only inexpensive to install and operate, they're also easy to use. They're available pre-programmed for some applications, require no added programming or calibration and offer the user-friendly EZ-Logic display and user interface for programming the meter locally.