Toxic Gas Detector Range From Crowcon

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Toxic Gas Detector Range From Crowcon

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Crowcon is the world’s foremost manufacturer of toxic gas detector instruments, with a product range including portable and fixed detectors which are renowned for their accuracy, ease of installation and use, low cost of ownership and durable performance with a minimum of maintenance.

The company’s range of fixed gas detection instruments are ideal for field mounting in production plants, refineries and other environments where the levels of toxic or flammable gases present a hazard to the health and safety of personnel and facilities. The range includes models using three different types of sensor technology, with a wide variety of sensors, all of which lead the toxic gas detector industry in terms of quality.

Crowcon’s Xgard detector range includes models which are made for a wide variety of applications, with flameproof and intrinsically safe models available. Xgard detectors are designed for the detection of oxygen as well as many different toxic and flammable gases. Featuring a 2 wire 4-20mA output and durable carbon/nylon casing, these detectors are easy to install and calibrate; a single technician can do the job without the need to disrupt ongoing processes for calibration.

The Crowcon IRmax is a sophisticated IR hydrocarbon detector which uses Crowcon’s patented low maintenance STAY-CLIR optics and advanced NDIR technology. This rugged stainless steel toxic gas detector is ideal for chemical processing plants, petroleum and gasoline refineries and a wide variety of other environments, where its low maintenance requirements, easy installation and reliable performance lead the industry in accuracy and low cost of ownership.

Also using Crowcon’s STAY-CLIR optical technology, the Irex is an ideal replacement for pellistor-based gas detectors which is compatible with legacy mV control systems while eliminating zero drift issues, reducing the cost of installation and ownership through its incredibly low power usage of <1W. This robust, self contained toxic gas detector may be mounted virtually anywhere (even to existing junction boxes) and provide reliable, long term detection with minimal maintenance requirements, whether in a traditional manufacturing plant or an offshore facility.

Crowcon’s Nimbus IR flammable has detector is a flameproof model which is built to last under harsh conditions and can be configured for the detection of nine different flammable gases. This high performance detector is the perfect solution for ensuring the safety of facilities and personnel from toxic, flammable and explosive gas hazards which provides an incredibly low cost of installation and ownership. This toxic gas detector is designed for highly efficient power usage and requires calibration only every six to twelve months and includes RS 485 Modbus and 4-20mA outputs for remote monitoring.

Crowcon’s wide range of top quality gas detection equipment have made the company the supplier of choice in a broad spectrum of industries. Wherever the safety of plant and personnel could potentially be compromised by hazardous gases, it’s very likely that a Crowcon detector is there, ensuring that a prompt response can be made to even the smallest change in levels of toxic, flammable or explosive gases.