Thermal Flowmeter Product Range From Flowline

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Thermal Flowmeter Product Range From Flowline

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Flowline's range of industry leading thermal flowmeter instruments include portable handheld meters which can be taken anywhere for accurate measurement of the flow of air and other gases. These portable meters offer users the versatility to take measurements anywhere they're needed - they're ideal for use in large manufacturing plants and other large scale facilities where flow metering may be required at many different points.

The range includes the Flowline HTA; this handheld meter which can be connected to any Höntzsch TA sensor with a thin film element. HTA portable meters feature an easy to read LCD display which can display measurement in seconds and provides an interface for configuration, important information and a status display with values updated and displayed each second. The Flowline HTA thermal flowmeter offer a selectable display measurements of standard velocity vs. standard volume flow V/t or temperatures at resolution of 1 degree Centigrade, with measurements in m/s, l/min, , m³/h or °C.

The HTA also features a RS232 port for easy export of data to a PC and onboard storage for up to 500 records; data is marked with a group and serial number automatically as it is recorded for easy retrieval. The Flowline HTA portable flowmeter is available with accessories including an RS232 to V24 adapter for export of data to a PC. A waterproof Flowtherm Y cable/connector and lightweight metal carrying case.

Flowline also offers the HTA-EX,  a handheld thermal flowmeter which like the HTA, can be connected to any Höntzsch TA sensor with a thin film sensor, LCD display with instantaneously updated data each second and display of data in units including m/s, l/min, m³/h and °C.

Integrated storage of up to 500 records is also offered, with automatic marking of records with group and serial number. One feature which sets the HTA-EX apart from the HTA is its Li-Ion rechargeable accumulator power supply, which offers 50 hours of running time from a single four hour charge, as opposed to the 9-volt battery used as a portable power supply with the HTA portable thermal flowmeter.