Thermal Flow Switch Range From Allison Engineering

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Thermal Flow Switch Range From Allison Engineering

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Allison Engineering's range of thermal flow switch instruments includes several options for level, flow and temperature sensing and switching. With options which include all of this functionality into a single instrument and others designed to handle the needs of specific applications, the range offers engineers all of the flexibility they need to arrive at the perfect solution to their flow switching requirements.

The FLT93B includes sophisticated FlexSWITCH technology which sets this instrument apart in terms of performance, flexibility and stability from any other thermal flow switch currently available. This single instrument handles temperature, level and flow sensing and switching and is incredibly easy to field configure to conform to the needs of the end user.

For applications where an inline sensor and switch is a better choice, Allison Engineering's FLT93L is available. Like the FLT93B,  this switch uses thermal dispersion sensors to provide industry leading reliability, accuracy and repeatability in temperature, flow rate and liquid levels.

The FLT93L is designed for very low flow applications (including as low as .015 cc per second) and for a long, reliable life. There are no moving parts whatsoever in this durable, built to last thermal flow switch which is capable of performing in process temperatures of as high as 260 degrees Celsius (500 degrees Fahrenheit) and temperatures of up to 2,000 psig (138 bar).

It's an accurate and reliable sensor and switch which is also approved for use in hazardous locations due to its robustness under CSA, CE, FM and CENELEC standards. It's ideal for uses including the detection of lubricant and seal water flow, detecting leaks in lubrication and coolant seals and other very low flow applications.

Designed for especially tough situations, the FS2000H is a thermal flow switch which has been made with corrosive, abrasive and dirty fluids in mind. The FS2000H features a flat faced sensor which can be mounted directly against the inside of a pipe - which means that the buildup and clogging problems which affect the performance of other inline sensors and switches are a thing of the past.