Sludge Thickening With ALDRUM

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Sludge Thickening With ALDRUM

Date Added: 16th July 2012

With over 125 years’ experience in the fields of industrial heat transfer, separation and fluid handling, Alfa Laval is a recognised industry expert with over 300 technologically innovative patents to its name.

For industrial sludge thickening needs, Alfa Laval’s ALDRUM Drum Thickener provides excellent reliability and performance, allowing sludge volume to be reduced by as much as 90 per cent. Whether your need is for thickening prior to dewatering or digestion, or to reduce sludge volume to facilitate transportation or storage, the ALDRUM thickener couldn’t be simpler to install or maintain.

By bolting the drum thickener in place and connecting the required external piping and power, the ALDRUM can quickly be set up for user-friendly and reliable operation. Working on the simple principle of conveying polyelectrolyte treated (or flocculated) sludge directly through the rotating drum filter, the water phase is able to pass through the unit’s filter cloth, while the thicker sludge remains inside the drum. Intermittent cleaning of the drum is also possible due to an integrated spray bar that can use either available potable water, treated filtrate or final effluent, resulting in low water consumption. 

Alfa Laval’s ALDRUM system is also highly versatile, with four different sizes that can each be customised to meet the unique needs of a variety of applications. A number of pieces of auxiliary equipment are available from the manufacturer which allow performance to be further optimised, including mixing valves, sludge hoppers and both basic and advanced control panels. Also available is Alfa Laval’s flocculation reactor, which connects directly to the inlet of the drum thickener and uses a specially designed paddle actuator to promote flocculation.

By adjusting feed rate, drum speed, spraying interval and polymer type and dosage, it is possible to fine tune the ALDRUM’s performance to meet your individual thickening needs. Overall, the ALDRUM drum thickener provides high performance and exceptionally high recovery rates for almost all types of sludge.