Cost-effective Light Industrial Thermal Air Flow Meters

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Cost-effective Light Industrial Thermal Air Flow Meters

Date Added: 13th November 2013

If you require an insertion mass flow meter for your light industrial application Sierra, with 150 locations in over 50 countries, can provide exactly the sort of cost-effective solution you are looking for. Sierra manufacture two instruments, the BoilerTrak™ 620BT and the FastFlo™ 620S, both with small footprints, that can measure inert and natural gases or propane in a variety of light industrial operations.

The BoilerTrak™ 620BT mass flow meter offers an easy to install option for the measurement of natural gas to boilers and heaters. Ideal for guaranteeing compliance with new natural gas utilisation regulations in commercial boilers, this is the perfect instrument for ensuring that your boiler is working to maximum efficiency.

The BoilerTrak™ 620BT is also optimised for methane and propane and can provide a 200 ms response to changes in flow rate of natural gas being burned. The BoilerTrak™ 620BT is suitable for flow ranges up to 42,000 scfh of natural gas for 1, 2, 3, 4 inch schedule 40 pipe sizes and can be retrofitted into existing piping. With over 15,000 having been fitted since 2006, you can feel confident in the BoilerTrak’s efficacy and reliability.

The FastFlo™ 620S is an insertion mass flow meter that has been optimised for inert gases. The FastFlo™ 620S features high-accuracy glass sensor technology that produces a rapid 200 ms response in conjunction with a low flow and low pressure cut off. The FastFlo™ 620S is suitable for flow range up to 20,000 sfpm (air) with standard accuracy and the product accuracy is an impressive ± 1% of full scale.

Both instruments support Modbus RTU digital communication for flexible integration of the mass flow meters and controllers into any control system. This is the de facto industrial standard and makes for easy integration. 

Overall, this is equipment designed to provide accuracy in conjunction with an exceptional turndown ratio, whilst still maintaining great value for money. For more intensive applications, Sierra also manufactures a complete range of heavy industrial thermal mass flow meters.