Shaft Seals Offer Complete Containment

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Shaft Seals Offer Complete Containment

Date Added: 16th March 2010

These shaft seals are the answer to issues including thermal growth, axial shaft motion, repeated cycles of pressure and vacuum and applications involving corrosive chemicals which make shaft sealing difficult. This one of a kind driving mechanism allows the rotating seal faces of MECO seals to compensate for axial shaft motion without compromising seal face loading. Like standard MECO seals, the MECO-DR offers a fully split design, ¼ or greater misalignment and runout tolerance and construction which includes no internal springs for greater durability and longer product life.

MECO-DR seals were originally developed for use with progressing cavity pumps, but are now available for a wide variety of process machinery including reactors, dryers, blenders and mixers. Rather than using internal springs, these seals are externally spring loaded (or optionally, pneumatically loaded) to provide constant seal face pressure adjustment which automatically compensates as the sacrificial seal faces are worn from use. As a result of this feature and its rugged construction, the MECO-DR line of seals can last far longer than conventional seals.

New MECO seals offer the MECO-DR mechanism; and some of the company’s existing line of shaft seals (MECO-PAC, EX-PAC and EAS) can be retrofitted with the mechanism to provide improved performance and longer life. MECO-DR seals are the product of three years of research, development and testing with the goal of developing a mechanical seal which could last in tough environments such as applications involving abrasive slurries – and as it happens, the MECO-DR can outlast any other type of seal on the market in these applications.

It’s not only abrasives which the MECO-DR can stand up to: it’s also perfect for applications where alternating high pressure and vacuum conditions are the norm – conditions which are often fatal to conventional shaft seals. Easy to install, incredibly tough and providing all the performance MECO seals are known for, MECO’s new MECO-DR technology has raised the bar for all shaft sealing products which will follow.