Rotary Actuators - Electric And Pneumatic Options From Burkert

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Rotary Actuators - Electric And Pneumatic Options From Burkert

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Burkert's products are synonymous with accurate, reliable and low maintenance fluid control solutions in a variety of process environments. Their range of rotary actuators are designed for long lasting, precise and low to no maintenance operation even with aggressive media or in harsh operating environments. Designed for high performance and built from high quality, durable and corrosion resistant materials, Burkert produces the actuators which process engineers have come to rely upon.

Type 3003 - the Burkert type 3003 multi-voltage actuator is a compact unit whose space saving modular design permits potentiometers, additional limit switches, emergency power sources and other optional components to be added with ease. Type 3003 rotary actuators also feature programmable input and output signals to suit a wide range of process applications and environments. This model may be installed directly on quarter turn valves and can be used either as an on/off or programmable fluid control solution.

Type 3004 - Burkert's type 3004 electrical actuator is an explosion proof rotary model which can be operated either as an on/off or programmed to meet the particular needs of its operating environment. Like the 3003, the type 3004 is a corrosion resistant system which is compact, durable, low maintenance and offers adjustable limit switches.

These simple yet sophisticated rotary actuators are designed for direct mounting with quarter turn valves and are compatible with a range of different electrical and control input and output devices. Type 3004 actuators are suitable for use in aggressive and potentially hazardous processes and meet applicable ATEX standards. This model is compatible with Burkert type 2651, 2654 and 2657 ball valves as well as type 2672 and 2675 butterfly valves.

Type 3005 - the Burkert type 3005 is a pneumatic single-acting or double-acting linear piston actuator. This model offers a universal mechanical interface which meets ISO 5211 and DIN 3337 standards and a convenient visual display showing the position of the actuator's piston. The actuator shaft is driven by the force of the control air or its internal return spring, a system which is suitable for operating ball valves, flap valves and other compatible armatures.

These powerful pneumatic rotary actuators are designed and built to stand up to the challenges of heavy use, even in tough conditions and are truly maintenance-free systems. Due to the solid construction of this model, a control pressure of at least 2 bar or 3.5 - 4 bar is needed, depending on the function.