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Flowline Manufacturing Ltd: Specialists In Flow Measurement

Flowline Manufacturing Ltd

Flowline is one of those companies which went into business as a specialist and has stayed true to their original vision of doing one thing and doing it well: meters and other instruments for flow measurement.

As anyone employed in any field related to process engineering will tell you, it’s a determination which has taken this fiercely independent London company far in their nearly quarter century in the business of measuring the flow of liquids and gases in pipes, lines, open channels, streams and rivers and really, everywhere else as well.

The company’s ultrasonic flow measurement systems, turbine flow meters, thermal flowmeter instruments and electromagnetic meters may be seen in locations not only in the UK (where the company supplies meters and other equipment to every water utility in the nation) but around the world. Where there is liquid flow to be measured, there’s a very good chance that a Flowline clamp on or inline meter is on the job.

Flowline’s success has been built on creating high quality, durable products with a low cost of operation and ownership, in large part through their dedication to creating sophisticated solutions for time of flight ultrasonic flow measurement and other applications which are elegant in their simplicity, using a minimum of parts to reduce their products’ maintenance. It’s something which has endeared the company and its turbine flowmeters, electromagnetic meters and other flow measurement products to its worldwide client base.

Flowline creates both inline thermal flowmeter equipment and other meters for newer systems as well as clamp-on and other styles of flowmeter which are made for use in older facilities where retrofitting this type of metering equipment is the rule. Flowline is about nothing if not versatility, after all; as well as durability and reliable performance year in and year out. As the company’s end users already know, this is exactly what this flow metering industry leader provides their customer with every one of their products.

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Electromagnetic Meters

Thermal flow meters

turbine flow meters

Ultrasonic flow meters

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Address: Elstree Business Centre Elstree Way Borehamwood Herts WD6 1RX
Country: UK
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Company website: www.flowline.co.uk

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