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Silverson Machines:

Silverson Machines

With over 60 years’ experience in the field, Silverson is an internationally renowned expert in the manufacture and sale of high shear mixer technology, providing mixing solutions to clients in processing and manufacturing industries right around the world.

Silverson’s distribution network operates in countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia, reaching customers in over 150 nations globally, and including some of the world’s largest companies. A recognised world leader, Silverson’s mixers are used as standard by companies in such diverse industries as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals.

Silverson has an acknowledged reputation for quality, commitment and professionalism. Products in the company’s standard range include laboratory and industrial mixers, disintegrator/dissolvers and powder/liquid mixers, but if you can’t find a product that exactly matches your requirements, that’s not a problem — Silverson also designs and manufactures bespoke equipment to meet customers’ precise application requirements, with quality guaranteed every time.

When it comes to scaling up from laboratory or pilot plant mixing to full scale production, Silverson is the company you want on your side. They realise that moving from test to production while maintaining consistency and accuracy is rarely as straightforward as it might be. By linking their own industry know-how and corporate partnership in leading academic research projects, Silverson can bring unparalleled expertise to your scale-up projects.

As an industry leader, Silverson invests time and expertise into research and development of new high shear mixing technologies, and is constantly at the forefront of the latest industry technologies. Combining decades of experience with a passion for quality and customer satisfaction, Silverson provides mixing solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of current customer requirements, and that will pave the way to the future.

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Article: Powder Mixer Offers Fast And Consistent Results
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Address: Silverson Machines Ltd, Waterside, Chesham Bucks, HP5 1PQ Uk
Country: Uk
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