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Pump Engineering Ltd:

Pump Engineering Ltd

Pump Engineering is the manufacturer and marketer of the widest ranges of pumps in the UK, with superb technical knowledge to back this up.

The company's products include mag drive pumps, seal-less pumps and food pumps for a wide range of applications and industries, as well as associated equipment including control valves and flow meter systems.

Whatever sector pumps are needed for, be it industrial and chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, food and beverage or water and waste, Pump Engineering has the solution to ensure accuracy and consistency with minimal maintenance and down-time when switching between products.

A fast and professional response is guaranteed to all enquiries and employees have the expertise and experience to recommend the best options for all requirements. Handling difficult and aggressive products is a speciality that sets Pump Engineering apart from other pump suppliers and ensures that no matter what the application, an ideal system can be created.

The quality of service, combined with competitive prices, quick and reliable deliveries, efficient after-sales and technical expertise are behind Pump Engineering's outstanding reputation in the industry.


Among the range on offer from Pump Engineering is equipment to suit all uses in a wide range of industries, coupled with the knowledge and skills to help create, set up and run a successful system.

Flux Drum, double diaphragm, piston, centrifugal, progressive cavity, mag drive, gear, peristaltic, diaphragm and hand pumps are just some of the products available, encompassing a very wide range of applications across all sectors. They ensure even the most difficult of products to pump can be easily transferred without loss of performance, blockages or contamination, ensuring high efficiency within the processing line.

Associated products include control panels, booster sets, meter control valves and flow meter systems. These allow direct and accurate control of each element, be it the pH level, pressure, element composition or temperature.

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Article: Mag Drive Pump Offers Maintenance-free Operation
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Article: Sealless Pump Withstands Higher Pressures
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Country: England
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