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ATI UK: Measuring The Air We Breathe And The Water We Drink


ATI was founded with the mission of making the world a safer place to live and work by providing their customers with quality instruments for ammonia monitoring as well as a wide variety of industry leading combustible gas detector, gas leak detector and sulfide monitor instruments along with other equipment for testing the quality of water and air. Whether for safety or increasing production capacities and product quality through improving process efficiencies, ATI’s instruments are the ones which engineers worldwide choose.

With locations in both the United States and the UK, ATI is capable of assisting customers throughout the UK and North America,  with design and manufacturing functions being performed at the company’s world headquarters in Pennsylvania.

ATI’s expertise in the design of sensors for gas and water quality monitoring and the sophistication of the instruments which the company designs and manufactures have made ATI the manufacturer of choice for combustible gas detector, gas leak detector, sulfide monitor and ammonia monitoring instruments.

ATI instruments are used for applications involving boiler feed water, cooling water for industrial use, water purification, wash water in food processing applications, wastewater processing and monitoring and wastewater; and that’s just the company’s line of instruments for monitoring the quality of water and other fluid media.

Detecting and monitoring levels of toxic or flammable gases is critical to safety in the workplace as well as the outcome of a wide variety of processes – and ATI’s instruments make it not only easy to keep a careful watch over these conditions, but also cost effective.

ATI sulfide monitor, gas leak detector, combustible gas detector and ammonia monitoring equipment help industries and other clients all around the world to ensure safety and efficiency while keeping these vital systems easy to monitor and reducing operating costs. Through their top quality gas and liquid monitoring sensors, ATI makes keeping the workplace and the public at large safer a snap.

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Water Monitors And Analyzers

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