Plate Evaporator Offers Even Distribution

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Plate Evaporator Offers Even Distribution

Date Added: 25th June 2012

For evaporation and condensation needs in a variety of industries, Alfa Laval’s AlfaVap plate evaporator offers efficiency, flexibility and cost savings. The unit’s compact and robust design means a small footprint and ease of installation in comparison to most traditional shell-and-tube evaporators and condensers.

One of the AlfaVap’s defining features is its flexibility. By simply adding plates to the existing frame, it is possible to easily adjust condensation and evaporation capacity to adapt to new process requirements and changing needs. This represents a clear advantage over shell-and-tube evaporators, which cannot be easily adjusted post-installation.

The unique plate design of the AlfaVap delivers a measurably higher thermal efficiency than traditional evaporator models, which means a smaller heat transfer area is required to achieve the necessary results, delivering high cost efficiency compared with other products.

Alfa Laval’s intelligent product design means this plate evaporator offers other efficiencies too. By simply removing the tightening bolts and rolling back the rear pressure plate, operators are granted easy access to the internal heat transfer surfaces for inspection and manual cleaning.

During operation, the corrugated surfaces of the unit’s heat transfer plates stimulate a highly turbulent flow over the area, which in turn prevents fouling and allows for highly effective chemical cleaning. Only small volumes of cleaning chemicals are required, due to the low hold-up volume of the AlfaVap.

With an evaporation capacity of up to 100 tons of evaporated steam per hour, the AlfaVap plate evaporator is the perfect choice for a wide variety of evaporation and condensation applications including sugar, fruit juice, fish and meat products, waste water and stillage, and inorganic chemicals.