Orifice Flow Meter Range From Endress+Hauser

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Orifice Flow Meter Range From Endress+Hauser

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Endress+Hauser’s extensive line of flow metering equipment includes the Deltatop orifice flow meter range; these sophisticated meters offer the highest possible level of accuracy, a minimal amount of pressure loss and durable, reliable performance thanks to a design which incorporates no moving parts.

The Deltatop D061W is designed for measuring the flow of liquids, steam and gases in lines ranging from 1” (DN25) to 24” (DN600) in size, while meeting ISO 5167 standards. This differential pressure flow measurement solution uses an advanced Deltabar transmitter (whose measuring range is customizable on delivery to meet the specific requirements of the application at hand) and is available in both modular remote and compact models. The D061W orifice flow meter is also available with an optional symmetric orifice for bidirectional flow measurement. This model operates at temperatures as low as -328 degrees Fahrenheit (-200 degrees Celsius) and as high as 1830 degrees Fahrenheit (1000 degrees Celsius).

The Endress+Hauser Deltatop D062C is another model using a Deltabar differential pressure transmitter which is available in modular remote and compact versions to offer greater versatility to users. This model meets ISO 5167 and DGRL 97/23/EC standards and has an adjustable measuring range which can be customized on delivery. Fitting lines from 1” (DN25) to 40” (DN1000) in diameter and operating at temperatures from -328 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (-200 to 1000 degrees Celsius) at pressures of up to 420 bar, the D062C is an exceptionally accurate and reliable orifice flow meter which offers minimal pressure loss. An optional symmetric orifice for bidirectional measurement is also available.


Offering the same operating temperature and pressure range as the D061W and D062C models from Endress+Hauser, the Deltatop D063C is available in compact and modular models with a Deltabar differential pressure transmitter which can be adjusted for a custom measuring range on delivery.

This is a robust solution for measuring liquid, gas or steam flow with minimal pressure loss and highly accurate measurement. The D062C is available with an optional symmetric orifice and is designed to work with lines with diameters ranging from 2” to 40” (DN50 to DN1000). With only the most minimal of maintenance requirements and a low cost of ownership, this orifice flow meter provides all of the durability and performance which users worldwide expect from Endress+Hauser.