Micro Diaphragm Pump Instruments From Burkert

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Micro Diaphragm Pump Instruments From Burkert

Date Added: 18th April 2010

Burkert's series 7604 micro diaphragm pump is an adjustable diaphragm pump which is self priming, quiet with virtually no pulsation and offers top of the line performance for a variety of continuous low flow applications, especially those involving aggressive fluids, solvents and other liquids which are typically difficult for micro pumps to handle. This 11mm pump can be adjusted by varying the frequency input (up to a maximum of 40 Hz). Since the only parts of the 7604 pump which contact the liquid itself are its PEEK body and perfluorelastomer seals, it's suitable for use with all manner of liquid media.

Due to its compact size, the Burkert 7604 micro diaphragm pump may be surface mounted or used with tube connections; and since it uses a very small amount of power, it has a low operating cost and is compatible with mobile systems while passing virtually no heat to the fluid from the actuator. Designed and manufactured to the high standards which users have long relied on from Burkert, the series 7604 is a durable, high performance pump for a wide range of applications.

Burkert's type 7616 micro dosing unit is a state of the art, compact solution for precisely dispensing very microliters of liquids and gases. This micro diaphragm pump is perfectly suited for applications which demand precision and a high degree of repeatability. The type 7616 can be volume-adjusted using either stroke adjustment or cycle rate - and since FFKM and PEEK are used for all parts which contact the liquid or gaseous media, it's suitable for use with aggressive or corrosive media.

The pump features a symmetrical design with two Type 6604 and one Type 6606 PEEK manifolds for bidirectional feed. Optional RS232 drive electronics and software are also available from Burkert to facilitate these applications. Adjustable for volumes ranging from .5 to 5 microliters, the Burkert type 7616 micro diaphragm pump is an accurate micro dosing solution which provides all of the performance and durability which people worldwide associate with the name Burkert.