Mass Flow Measurement With The Sierra Instruments Innova-Mass 240

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Mass Flow Measurement With The Sierra Instruments Innova-Mass 240

Date Added: 28th March 2010

Always an innovator in the field of mass flow measurement, Sierra Instruments introduced the world’s first multivariable mass vortex flow meters in the 1990s and has never looked back since. The Innova-Mass 240 is yet another step forward; this mass flow meter is perfectly suited for measuring mass flow rates of steam, liquid and gases from a single point in the line. The unit offers direct reading of mass and volumetric flow rates, fluid density, pressure and temperature with both analog and digital outputs. With the capacity to measure all five of these important process conditions, the Innova-Mass 240 offers much higher accuracy and keeps costs lower since only one line penetration needs to be made, unlike with many other mass flow measurement instruments.

The unit’s integrated computer provides an ideal solution for the measurement of natural gas flow as well as steam and liquids, with built in support for AGA-8 algorithms. The user interface offers a full set of sophisticated features with access to programming menus and every variable the Innova-Mass 240 measures while still being user friendly. The instrument can be field configured using its own control panel or from a remote workstation using HART, MODBUS or RS-485 protocols.

The Innova-Mass 240 is a cost-effective alternative to Corioles meters and other mass flow measurement solutions which offers an accuracy of +/- 1% (for liquid measurement) and +/- 1.5% (for steam and gases) over a 30:1 turndown. It is compatible with line sizes ranging from ½” to 8” and is CSA, FM, ATEX and CE approved for use in hazardous areas, allowing it to be installed virtually anywhere that mass and volumetric flow measurement of gases, steam and liquids is required.

With a low cost of ownership, accurate measurement of several different process variables and the durability that you’ve come to expect from Sierra Instruments, the Innova-Mass 240 is the right choice for mass flow measurement in a wide range of processes.