Mass flow Control Systems From Burkert

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Mass flow Control Systems From Burkert

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Burkert manufacture a variety of sophisticated massflow controllers for gases, including the Type 8710 model. This is an industry-leading mass flow control system for gases which uses a sensor which does not make direct control with the gas itself, making this instrument useful in applications involving aggressive gases.

The 8710's sensor data is compared against target figures in the unit's integrated control system - when a difference is detected, the control valve output is adjusted accordingly to maintain mass flow at a predetermined value despite any changes in the system environment (such as variations in pressure).

The 8710 is capable of being calibrated for use with two different gases, with the operator able to switch between controlling the flow of the two; something which is ideal for many process environments. High sensitivity and control are possible due to the low friction proportional valve used as the control element in Burkert 8710 massflow controllers. This controller is suitable for use in producing gas mixtures in applications which include heat treatment, environmental technology, the production of fuel cells, the material coating industry and the treatment of molten metal.

The Burkert 8710 mass flow control device uses a bypass-style measurement system, with a laminar flow element installed in the main channel to create a pressure drop which drives a small flow through the bypass. The bypass is proportional to the flow in the main channel and the pressure drop too small to significantly affect main channel mass flow. The sensor tube's walls are a thermal barrier which is effective with most gases; however, it may be a good idea to install filters upstream of 8710 massflow controllers when the gases in question are either contaminated or are likely to leave deposits inside of the sensor tube which can affect heat transmission.

This controller may be mounted either horizontally or vertically and is compatible with DeviceNet, CANopen and PROFIBUS DP systems. An optional RS (RS232/485) interface is also available. This model also includes an easy to read, energy efficient LED display for quick reading of flow data.

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