Liquid Flow Measurement Becomes Portable With The Innova-Sonic 210

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Liquid Flow Measurement Becomes Portable With The Innova-Sonic 210

Date Added: 28th March 2010

Sierra Instruments’ new Innova-Sonic 210 is a state of the art portable instrument for ultrasonic liquid flow measurement. The advanced electronics and ultrasonic transit time technologies incorporated into this instrument provide industry leading accuracy in measuring the flow of liquids through full pipes. Best suited for applications involving clean water and other clean liquids, the Innova-Sonic 210 is also capable of measuring liquids which contain a limited amount of air bubbles or particulates in suspension, allowing it to provide excellent performance with virtually any type of liquid.

A truly portable flow measurement solution, this instrument is battery operated and is supplied along with a convenient carrying case, spare battery, mounting hardware, clamp on transducers and a PDA interface (the Palm Tungsten TX). All together, it’s a complete self contained, easy to use liquid flow measurement system which lets you monitor flow and program the instrument from a distance of up to 10 meters (30 feet).

A comprehensive suite of user friendly programming and analytical features are included with the Innova-Sonic 210 portable meter, including: instantaneous flow rate, positive, negative and net totals, daily flows, velocity and date and time. Powerful graphing capabilities provide an easy to read visual representation of flow rates and trends.

The Innova-Sonic 210 also includes software for your PC which is designed for analysis of liquid flow measurement data and export to spreadsheet software and offers all of the accuracy of an inline flow measurement instrument and the convenience of a portable measurement system. Accurate to +/- .5% and able to operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit and compatible with pipes between 25 millimeters to 5,000 millimeters in diameter, this portable system is the perfect low-cost flow measurement solution for a variety of clean liquid applications.