Industrial temperature controller improves productivity

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Industrial temperature controller improves productivity

Date Added: 10th May 2012

Honeywell Process Solutions is renowned worldwide for providing innovative and effective process improvement solutions, bringing powerful “Six Sigma” management strategies to a wide variety of industry clients. At the heart of their process solutions lies an impressive range of products and instruments that can help drive efficiency in key industrial processes.

One such product is the DC1000 Digital Controller range — an industrial temperature controller that combinse highly versatile functionality with first-class reliability … all at a very low price. Available in four different models (conforming to standard 1/16 DIN, 1/8 DIN, 3/16 DIN and 1/4 DIN panel mounting sizes) the DC1000 range offers highly precise temperature control for a variety of applications, including dryers, small ovens and furnaces, environmental chambers, semiconductor packaging and testing, plastics processing, and packaging machinery.

Providing all the basic control requirements you would expect of an industrial temperature controller, the DC1000 also offers several more advanced features including phase angle power control, motor position control and set point programming.

The DC1000 incorporates two four-digit displays for monitoring PV (process variable) and SP (set point) values, as well as an LED bar graph which displays the output as a percentage. These bright and easy-to-read displays are designed to present key information at a glance, and allow simple operation of the controllers in both automatic and manual control modes.

As well as offering standard warranty terms, the DC1000 range offers additional support through Honeywell’s Technical Assistance Centre, which helps guide customers through any problems that might be encountered during installation or operation.

By providing both information and control to users, the DC1000 industrial temperature controller helps deliver on Honeywell’s overall company ethos — to provide processing solutions that help increase and enhance productivity and therefore maximise return on investment.