Hydrogen Sulfide Test Made Easy

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Hydrogen Sulfide Test Made Easy

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Analytical Technology’s A15/81 sulfide monitor makes allows for the hydrogen sulfide test to be performed so easily. It is designed to detect dissolved sulfide in water and these types of systems are particularly useful in wastewater treatment and drinking water applications, where these compounds can make water unpalatable (in the case of drinking water) or damage concrete or cause unpleasant odours in wastewater treatment plants.

You’ll also find sulfide detection equipment in use in tanning facilities and systems which are designed to remove mercury and other potentially hazardous materials from water.

Unlike older types of dissolved sulfide detection equipment, ATI’s A15/81 sulfide monitor uses a polarographic hydrogen sulfide detector instead of the traditional method of selective ion electrode analysis. The polarographic method offers a more accurate and consistent measurement solution while requiring less frequent maintenance than do SIE H2S monitoring systems. The A15/81 is capable of running hydrogen sulfide test monitoring continuously in a wide variety of wastewater or clean water applications while needing a minimal amount of maintenance to provide reliable performance.

Since the sensor of the A15/81 sulfide monitor never comes directly into contact with the sample, it avoids one of the biggest problems experienced with most dissolved sulfide detection systems: being contaminated by the very substance it’s designed to detect. Instead of the sensor being exposed to the stream, this model pumps a small sample into the unit and mixes it to create an acidic solution which is then removed of its H2S content – the sensor then detects the amount of sulfide released and gives a reading in the form of sulfide concentration in milligrams per liter.

As long as large particulates (100 microns and up) are strained out of the sample ahead of time, the ATI A15/81can provide trouble free performance for extended periods, even with low quality samples.

This is an easy to install sulfide monitor, available in wall mounted (NEMA 4X) or panel mounted models. The monitor and chemistry module are connected by a 20 foot cable, with an option to increase this distance to as much as one hundred feet. A convenient, compact and accurate dissolved hydrogen sulfide detection system, the ATI A15/81 sets a new standard in water quality monitoring.

If you would like to carry out hydrogen sulfide test procedures but don't know where to start then talk to ATI. Just click on an icon on this page to find more information about their offerings.