High Viscosity Pump Handles The Most Difficult Jobs

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High Viscosity Pump Handles The Most Difficult Jobs

Date Added: 22nd May 2012

With over 20 years’ industry experience, Kecol Pumping Systems is a world leader in the challenging field of high viscosity pump engineering. The company has developed innovative industrial pumping solution for clients in a wide variety of processing industries, including cosmetics, foods and pharmaceuticals.

Kecol’s high performance hygienic Megaprime pump is specially designed to handle pastes and other high viscosity products that don’t flow. The main problem with pumping these types of products is that the pump doesn’t prime and simply ends up pumping air. The Kecol Megaprime gets round this by using an innovative twin cylinder pressure priming setup, which works in conjunction with a Kecol stubby type piston pimp to help maintain a positive prime on the pump and prevent cavitation.

Kecol provides tailored pumping solutions that are compatible with drums, IBCs and various sizes and shapes of industrial mixing vessels. For standard industrial and chemical applications, the Megaprime is provided in painted steel construction, while unpainted stainless steel constructions are available for hygienic applications, such as the food industry.

Like all Kecol products, the Megaprime is designed for simple and safe operation, transferring high viscosity products efficiently, cleanly and quietly at up to 130 litres per minute. The Kecol Megaprime is suitable for use with a wide range of products; examples include:

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications: mascara, shampoo, petroleum jelly, face creams, suntan lotion, toothpaste etc.

Food industry applications: fruit concentrates, butter, honey, mayonnaise, jams, tomato puree etc.

Chemical and general industrial applications: paints, inks, resins, adhesives, latex, high viscosity grease etc.