Flow Rate Meter From Sierra Offers Accurate Detection

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Flow Rate Meter From Sierra Offers Accurate Detection

Date Added: 28th March 2010

The Sierra Instruments Innova-Sonic 205 is an insertion-style ultrasonic flow rate meter which uses insertion transducers to provide accurate measurements of the flow of liquids through pipes in sizes ranging from 2 inches to 400 inches (50 millimeters to 10,000 millimeters) in diameter. Insertion transducers provide excellent signal strength, something which is often a problem with clamp-on transducers in certain applications. The Innova-Sonic’s transducers perform equally well regardless of the pipe wall, liner or any deposits on the interior of the pipe.

One of the advantages of using an insertion style meter like the Sierra Instruments Innova-Sonic flow rate meter is that the transducers can be installed without having to shut down machinery or close off the pipes where the equipment is to be installed. With a hot-tap machine, the Innova-Sonic’s transducers can be inserted while liquids or gases flow freely through the pipe. Leakage is prevented by means of a double O-ring seal; keeping liquids inside of the pipe during insertion as well as extraction and when working in the open channel under ordinary operating conditions; so installation can go on with the process humming right along as normal.

Features of the Sierra Instruments Innova-Sonic ultra sonic flow rate meter include: