Electromagnetic Meters From Flowline

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Electromagnetic Meters From Flowline

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Flowline specializes in meters for monitoring the flow of fluids of all sorts; the company produces a range of electromagnetic meters which are used across a broad spectrum of industries including wastewater treatment as well as the production and processing of goods including chemicals, paper, steel and food and beverages.

The Magflo line of flow meters from Flowline include meters designed for a variety of different flow monitoring applications, all offering Flowline’s hallmarks of reliability, maintenance free operation and incredibly low operating costs.

The Flowline Magflo 5100W flow meter is designed specifically for applications where monitoring the flow of water, wastewater or effluents is necessary. The 5100W features Flowline’s  advanced SENSORPROM  technology in the signal converter’s terminal box for reliable metering.

It’s incredibly easy to use – once the power is turned on, these electromagnetic meters immediately begin measuring flow bidirectionally, with the integrated memory unit automatically calibrating the meter. The signal converter is also easy to replace; no sort of rewiring or programming is necessary with the 5100W’s truly plug-and-play converter. The display is backlit for easy viewing and may be rotated as needed.

The unit features a high degree of chemical resistance and is suitable for measuring flow rates of conductive liquids at temperatures between -40 and 200 degrees Centigrade. With no moving parts to become clogged or break down, the Magflo 5100W is a durable, reliable flow meter which offers incredibly high accuracy. These electromagnetic meters are available in sizes ranging from DN2 to DN 2000, with specialized versions available for drinking water and food and beverage applications.

Flowline’s range of electromagnetic flowmeters includes models designed for use with chemicals such as the Magflo MAG 1100. Like other Flowline meters, the MAG 1100 offers the same degree of reliability and durability as the company’s other flowmeter range, as well as SENSORPROM technology, automatic calibration and maintenance-free, low cost operation.

Like the 5100W and all of the company’s other industry-leading meters, the MAG 1100 is durable, reliable and accurate – which is why Flowline flowmeters are the meters of choice across a wide spectrum of industries. Flowline and Magflo electromagnetic meters in particular are rapidly becoming the industry standard and with good reason.