Dewatering Of Sludge System Is Energy Efficient

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Dewatering Of Sludge System Is Energy Efficient

Date Added: 6th August 2012

The ALDEC G2 range of decanter centrifuges from Alfa Laval delivers highly efficient dewatering of sludge, on all levels. Not only does the ALDEC G2 offer unparalleled dewatering performance - providing sludge cake up to 3 per cent drier than previous generation products - it also offers impressive power efficiency and energy savings of up to 40 per cent. As modern businesses are driven more and more to demonstrate both cost savings and environmentally sound policies, the ALDEC G2’s cost efficient performance and low contribution to a business’s carbon footprint combine to make it a market-leading product for companies that have to deal with waste water and industrial waste.

This reliable piece of equipment utilises innovative design and precision engineering to deliver first class sludge dewatering results. Separation of the liquid component takes place in a rotating horizontal cylindrical bowl in which centrifugal forces push the sludge solids to the chamber wall. In conjunction with this action, a central screw conveyor moves the solids to the conical end of the bowl for retrieval via discharge openings, while the remaining clarified liquid flows over adjustable plate dams and into the casing. The ALDEC G2’s unique drive system also allows users to independently vary the velocity of both the conveyor and the bowl, making it easy to adjust not only to your application needs, but to varying operating requirements.

Designed to keep your maintenance costs to a minimum, the ALDEC G2 sludge decanter is the only product of its type with wear-resistant critical parts, helping to protect your equipment against the effects of abrasive wear. The ALDEC G2 range comprises eight different models, with main drive power ranging from 11 to 450 kilowatts. Each of the sizes boasts a greater processing capacity than any comparable product with the same equipment footprint. Combine this with simple and fast installation, and easy operation, and it’s clear why the ALDEC G2 is the sludge dewatering product of choice for many customers.

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