Coriolis Meter Offers Accurate Flow Measurement

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Coriolis Meter Offers Accurate Flow Measurement

Date Added: 22nd May 2012

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has an international reputation for excellence in providing technical solutions to help increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a wide variety of processing industries, from the oil and natural gas sectors, through chemicals and pharmaceuticals, to food, pulp and paper companies.

Yokogawa embraces a concept they call Enterprise Technology Solutions, helping to implement improvements at all levels of a business’s operations. At the heart of what they do, however, is engineering excellence. In business since 1915, it’s fair to say that Yokogawa has a wealth of electrical and process engineering experience to draw upon.

Part of their product range that has helped drive processing efficiencies for clients is the ROTAMASS 3-Series of Coriolis meters, designed to measure mass flow. Offering both integral and remote meter types, the range features highly sensitive signal processing electronics, meaning you can be sure of accurate and stable mass flow readings every time.

While the internal electronics are state of the art, ROTAMASS 3-Series flow meters also have a reputation for being rugged and highly robust. With a wide operating temperature range of between -200°C and 350°C, the ROTAMASS is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion, and also employs a flame-resistant type converter case that allows it to be used in hazardous operating environments.

Offering high performance in a variety of real applications, the ROTAMASS features a straightforward self-draining design that ensures maintenance requirements are kept to an absolute minimum, and product uptime is maximised. Rated for process pressures up to 280 bar (4000 psi), this highly accurate and dependable Coriolis meter also boasts lightweight construction and a small footprint, meaning it is convenient and easy to install.