New Generation of Plate Heat Exchangers from Alfa Laval

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New Generation of Plate Heat Exchangers from Alfa Laval

Date Added: 16th April 2013

Despite looking very similar to their predecessors, the latest copper brazed plate heat exchangers from Alfa Laval are packed with energy-saving and cost-reducing innovations.

As the market leader in heat transfer technology, Alfa Laval has reassessed every aspect of the units’ internal design to create improvements in thermal efficiency. The resulting CB30, CB60, CB110 and CB112 models, which replace the existing CB27, CB52, CB76/77 and AC120, offer significantly better and more cost-effective performance.

Designed to meet the needs of a broad range of applications, the new-generation units are safe to handle – with no sharp edges – and have been reduced in size, without loss of efficiency, to save space.

To achieve this, the heat transfer area – but not the unit’s dimensions – has been increased, by altering the design of the plates and their channels. In short, the plate pattern has been optimised and the option of asymmetrical plate channels, generating extra turbulence, has been added. Both of these changes help to increase thermal efficiency, while the reduction in pressure drop, resulting from a design that allows flow around the port, also lowers consumption of energy.

Lower energy demand is good news for the planet, as well as the customer’s business, and further environmental benefits have been gained by reducing the quantity of materials used in these plate heat exchangers.

Customers can choose from a number of capacities and configurations, including asymmetrical and symmetrical plate patterns, to meet different needs. Applications include HVAC and industrial heating and cooling, condensing, tap water, oil cooling, air drying and solar heating.

In each case Alfa Laval will be happy to advise on which is the best option, bearing in mind such factors as the physical properties of the liquids involved and the required flow rates, heat loads, working pressures and pressure drop limitations.

Upgrading from existing Alfa Laval copper brazed plate heat exchangers to the new models is simple, as they share the same connections and interface, so there is no need for the expense of system redesign work.