Wood Bearings From Woodex

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Wood Bearings From Woodex

Date Added: 16th March 2010

Wood bearings may sound like an odd idea to those unfamiliar with the concept, but these bearings have been with us for longer than anyone knows with certainty – most likely as long as the wheel itself. Woodex hasn’t been around quite that long, but the company has been making high quality bearings from rock maple and petrolatum wax for over a century now. Rock maple is a very durable material which lends itself well to roll and screw conveyors, whether wet or dry; these bearings are especially common in the agricultural sector.

The advantage of using wood bearings is that they are incredibly resistant to sand and other abrasives which would destroy ordinary shafts, to say nothing of conventional bearings. Rather than being worn down as a metal bearing would, a wooden bearing compresses and absorbs the material which is then covered by a film of wax, turning what is a hazard for conventional metal bearings into a part of the bearing itself.

Woodex’s bearings are truly self-lubricating; as the journal interface heats during a production process, the petrolatum wax with which the bearing is impregnated is released – and when the process stops and the shaft and journal cool, the cellulose fibers in the wood reabsorb the wax. Woodex manufactures a range of wood bearings which include screw conveyor hanger bearings in standard sizes ranging from 1” to 3 7/16”.

The company also offers roll end bearings, self centering spherical bearings and replacement bearings for older snowblowers from Sears and other manufacturers, Ferguson disc harrows and many other uses. Custom bearings are also available in virtually any size needed.

Wood might not be the first material most of us think of in connection to bearings, but there are many applications where no other material; not metal, not even the latest generations of plastics can perform as well as wood. Woodex continues to manufacture wood bearings for a variety of applications; metal and plastic bearings may have their uses, but for many purposes, nothing else will do as well as Woodex bearings.