Vortex Flow Meter Products From Endress+Hauser

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Vortex Flow Meter Products From Endress+Hauser

Date Added: 21st January 2011

The Prowirl vortex flow meter range is one of the many industry leading flow meters produced by Endress+Hauser. These meters are used in applications across a wide variety of industries where the accurate measurement of the flow of gases, liquids and steam is vital to manufacturing and quality control processes.  For instance, in the chemical production and petrochemical refining industries, these meters are used to measure the flow of steam, nitrogen, compressed air, carbon dioxide, water, oils, solvents and other liquids and gases.

Metering steam flow is one of the most common applications for vortex flow meter instruments, where they are often used in conjunction with temperature and pressure sensors. Steam flow is normally measured in terms of energy or mass, while a vortex meter measures volume - together with pressure and temperature sensors, a vortex meter provides a comprehensive seat of flow metrics while helping to keep energy costs low.

Prowirl meters are available with explosion proof (the Ex d model) or intrinsically safe (the Ex i model) transmitter housings. The two wire transmitter is capable of outputting both mass and volume flow, regardless of the choice of housing.

The Prowirl 72 is designed for standard flow metering applications. With this model, mass flow can be calculated either by using fixed density values or with an external RMS 621 or RMC 621 flow computer.



For those applications where an external computer is impractical, the Prowirl 73 vortex flow meter offers an integrated flow computer with a temperature compensating sensor and more functionality than the 72. Designed for directly metering mass flow in applications involving saturated steam or gases, the Prowirl 73 stores IAWPS/ASME saturated steam curves to ensure the most accurate flow measurement possible.

The Endress+Hauser Prowirl F is a versatile vortex meter which is compatible with line diameters from ½" to 12" (DN 15 - 300) and process temperatures ranging from -330 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (-200 to 400 degrees Celsius). The Prowirl F vortex flow meter includes integrated temperature measurement capabilities for mass heat and flow calculation and a dual sensor for a higher level of safety, making it suitable for use in nuclear facilities. A high-pressure model is also available which is suitable for use with pressures of up to Cl 600 (PN 160) or optionally, up to Cl 1500 (PN 250).