Volt Calibrator Series From Fluke

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Volt Calibrator Series From Fluke

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Fluke's rugged, reliable yet manageably sized and lightweight 715 volt calibrator brings all of the performance you've come to expect from this company. Not only is it one of the most accurate volt/mA calibrators on the market, it's also incredibly easy to use, featuring a battery door which is designed to be easily removed to allow the battery to be changed quickly. Offering an easy to use interface like the push button controls on the company's popular Fluke 740 documenting process calibrator, the HART-compatible(with 250 Ohm loop resistance) 715 calibrator is also resistant to splashes and dust and is EMI tolerant.

The Fluke 715 volt calibrator provides loop current measurement of 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA signals at a resolution of .001 mA and an outstanding level of accuracy: .015%.  24mA loop current can be easily sourced or simulated and voltage of up to 10V or 100mV may be sourced. This volt/mA calibrator is the ideal instrument for out process signal measurement from transmitters and PLCs, making it one of the most useful portable voltage calibrators in its class.

The Fluke 700 series also includes the 705 loop calibrator, a volt calibrator which measures, sources and simulates mA with an accuracy of .02%. Featuring a step function as well as slow and fast ramp functions and a span check feature for quick, easy and reliable zero and span confirmation, this is an incredibly user friendly loop calibrator. Like the fluke 715 and 740 models, the 705 makes linearity checks easy and fast thanks to push button controls offering 25% steps.

Building on the features of the Fluke 705 calibrator, the 707 incorporates additional features including a specially designed rotary knob which permits easy operation with one hand - something which any process engineer can certainly appreciate. The 707 volt calibrator is also more accurate than the 705, with an accuracy of .015%. This calibrator is also available as the Fluke 707Ex, a loop calibrator which is designed to be safe for  use in areas where there is a risk of explosion.