Visual Flow Indicator Instruments From Flow-Mon

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Visual Flow Indicator Instruments From Flow-Mon

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Flow-Mon knows its business - and the fact that a visual flow indicator doesn't have to be complicated or expensive to provide accurate, reliable measurement of flow rates. The company's line of low cost rising ball and spinner-style flow indicators are proof of how a simple, economical flow rate measurement instrument can outperform far more expensive meters - at least when designed and manufactured by the experts at Flow-Mon. There are many applications which don't necessarily require a calibrated flow indicator; and Flow-Mon's spinner and rising ball visual indicators fit the bill perfectly while being durable and reliable enough to meet the demands of a wide range of uses.

This line of visual flow indicator systems are compatible with pipes in sizes ranging from 8mm to 40mm and are made from rugged, top quality bronze or stainless steel materials which are chemically resistant and may be used for applications involving water, gas and oil. Flow-Mon spinner and rising ball flow indicators begin working as soon as liquids start flowing through the line, with flows of as low as one liter per minute being displayed visually.

Instead of a calibration system, these indicators are able to visually indicate the whole spectrum of flow rates from minimum to maximum by means of its advanced design and exacting manufacture. The spinner and rising ball models of visual flow indicator offer a simple and affordable, yet effective and reliable means of flow monitoring and ensuring both quality and safety. Ideal for applications including alerting personnel of seal or bearing failure, overheating and protecting pumps and other vital equipment, these flow indicators also allow operators to spot air entrainment and visually assess changes in the color or consistency of fluids passing through the system, all while requiring no routine maintenance whatsoever.

Flow-Mon's easy to use, cost effective line of visual flow indicator instruments permit manufacturers and processors to maintain safety and product integrity with a system which is incredibly easy to use and offers a low cost of ownership, all without compromising quality or performance.