Ultrasonic Level Transmitter From Vega Offers Fast Delivery

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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter From Vega Offers Fast Delivery

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Vega Controls announces the VEGASON S 61 - an ultrasonic level transmitter which offers liquid and solid measurement with rapid delivery and a low cost, all wrapped up in one compact ultrasonic sensor unit.

Ideal for measurement applications across a broad spectrum of industries, the VEGASON S 61 is especially well suited for use in the wastewater sector and for measuring levels of non-fuming materials in storage along with profile measurement of materials on conveyor belts. The S 61 model, like other units in the VEGASON range, can calculate volume without the need for an additional control box either using the shape of the tank or a flume/V-notch flow device.

The VEGASON S 61 ultrasonic level transmitter reflects ultrasonic pulses of roughly 70 kHz off of the surface of the material being measured, with pulses being received by the unit's integrated transducer. The time between emission and reception (compensated for the temperature of the operating environment) is proportional to the level of material present in the container, allowing for accurate measurement of liquid or solid levels.

The PLICSCOM module from Vega Controls is used to adjust the sensors of the VEGASON S 61 unit; this adjustment is also possible using a PC with VEGACONNECT 4 software.

Featuring integrated echo curve displays and a temperature sensor for reliable temperature correction, the VEGASON S 61 ultrasonic level transmitter offers an accuracy of +/- 10 millimeters and a liquid measuring range of .25 to 5 meters (.25 to 2.5 meters when measuring solids) as well as incredibly fast delivery of measurements.

An ATEX- approved version of the unit is available for use in explosive atmospheres, making the S 61 a perfect solution for level measurement in the chemical and waste paper industries, waste water treatment and other potentially hazardous operating environments.