Temperature Sensor

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Temperature Sensor

Date Added: 4th May 2012

The Endress + Hauser range of temperature sensor products offer the perfect solution for any job. The specialist temperature measuring kit in the TR range features Thermowell welded protection tubes, a mineral-insulated flexible probe and can be manufactured in lengths up to 393 ins. These features make the equipment adaptable for any environment, without compromising on accuracy and usability.

The range is compatible with HART, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus protocols, ensuring maximum usability in all industry applications. All temperature sensors are available with enhanced accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness and are customizable in many ways.

Omnigrad M TR10

With a protection tube and neck tube and modular RTD assembly, the TR10 temperature sensor has a highest possible compatibility with a design according to DIN 43772. The neck tube offers heat protection of the head transmitter and the reduced/tapered tip from ensures a fast response time.

It is usable in temperatures between -200 and 600 degrees C and at a maximum pressure of 75 bar.

Omnigrad M TR11

The TR11 temperature transmitter has a modular RTD assembly and is highly flexible with a customized immersion length. It offers a fast response time and is adaptable to requirements with varying outputs and protocols.

It is capable of measuring temperatures from -200 to 600 degrees C, at a pressure of up to 75 bar.



Omnigrad M TR12

With its modular RTD assembly and protection tube and compression fitting, the TR12 temperature transmitter is highly flexible and compatible with designs to DIN 43772. It can be operated at temperatures between -200 and 600 degrees C and at a pressure of up to 40 bar.

Omnigrad M TR13

The TR13 temperature measuring sensor has a modular RTD assembly with protection tube and neck tube, making it flexible and customizable depending on the facility and requirements.

It is the ideal choice for high pressure environments, as it can withstand up to 100 bar without compromising on accuracy of temperature measurement.

Omingrad S TR15

The TR15 temperature measuring equipment has a modular RTD assembly with neck tube, barstock and thermowell and is available with a flange or as a weld-in unit. It is compatible with designs according to DIN 43772 and can be equipped with protection for hazardous locations, including intrinsic safety and non-sparking.

This temperature sensor is particularly suitable for steam and gas applications with high process pressures and temperatures, as it is usable at up to 600 degrees C and 400 bar.