Temperature Calibrators From Fluke

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Temperature Calibrators From Fluke

Date Added: 3rd August 2010

Accurate measurement of infrared temperatures just got a lot easier with Fluke's 4180 and 4181 temperature calibrators. The latest IR temperature measurement tools from the Fluke Hart Scientific division, these infrared calibrators offer measurements which are consistently accurate, calibration after calibration.

The 4180 and 4181 calibrators use radiometrics to calibrate temperatures with a target size sufficient to make source effect errors nearly nonexistent. With automatic thermometer emissivity compensation and fast, accurate point and shoot results, the Fluke 4180 and 4181 IR calibrators are the most advanced and easy to use temperature calibration instruments of their kind available today.

Inaccurate measurements from your temperature calibrators are something which can literally cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars, which means it's important to get it right the first time - and getting it right the first time; and every time is where Fluke excels. Look no further than the 4180 and 4181 infrared calibrators. These instruments provide accurate measurements of temperatures ranging from -15 to 500 degrees Celsius, a 6" (152 millimeter) target size ideal for calibrating virtually any thermometer and an easy to read display, all in a compact calibration instrument weighing under 20 lbs.

You'll never have to unnecessarily shut down a production line for maintenance due to inaccurate thermometer calibration when using Fluke's temperature calibrators. Calibration is a routine yet vitally important procedure where accuracy is everything, which is why a fast and easy to use solution like the Fluke 4180 and 4181 makes good sense from an engineering perspective as well as a business one.

Make sure that your production processes are running efficiently and safely by getting accurate measurements of temperature the first time. Fluke is a name known for accuracy among process engineers worldwide and for good reason; when you get it right the first time, your business saves time and money by keeping things running along smoothly. To make sure your production facilities' thermometers are properly calibrated, Fluke's 4180 and 4181 IR temperature calibrators take the guesswork and the worry out of the equation.