Shaft Sealing Expertise From Meco

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Shaft Sealing Expertise From Meco

Date Added: 16th March 2010

MECO’s expertise in shaft sealing is apparent in the design and construction of their new AH seals, yet another step forward in MECO’s elastomer-driven seals. Improving on its predecessor the MECO EAS, MECO AH-series seals eliminate the need to set the pressure of seal faces; which means that even seals which require frequent cleaning and sanitization can be reinstalled quickly and easily.

They’re ideal for processes which involve low to moderately abrasive powders, reactors, paddle mixers, ribbon blenders, screw conveyors and other conveyors and blenders as well as in other machinery. AH seals are also suitable as replacement shaft sealing for lip seals in order to isolate oils or lubricants in bearings; where there is too little clearance to use other types of MECO seals, AH seals are often the perfect fit.

AH seals are constructed for durability, with heavy stainless steel plate stators for a flat, flush seal which provides long lasting performance even under tough conditions with regular handling. There’s no calibration necessary; simply tighten the assembly bolts until snug and the seal will be applied at the proper face pressure for an efficient shaft sealing solution which minimizes installation time and effort.  Basic adjustment and monitoring systems are in place in MECO AH seals to allow for preventative maintenance to be performed as needed.

AH seals are available in unsplit (AHU) and split (AHS) varieties, both of which are ideal for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing processes, in machinery including mixers and blenders which process dry products and must be washed in between product changes frequently.

AH seals are fitted with compressed air purge, drain and flush water inlet ports, but may be customized for use in applications where there is very little clearance, in environments which pose explosion hazards and virtually anywhere else shaft sealing is necessary. Easy to install and reinstall after cleaning and sanitization, available in any size or style needed and providing the reliable performance MECO is famed for, AH seals are fast becoming a favorite.