Sealless Pump Withstands Higher Pressures

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Sealless Pump Withstands Higher Pressures

Date Added: 10th December 2010

3M's CT MAG-MS series of pumps available from Pump Engineering provide the ideal solution for pumping aggressive, explosive and toxic liquids, hydrocarbons, heat transfer liquids and liquids difficult to seal through the separation of liquid chamber and atmosphere with the use of an isolation shell. The hermetic sealless pump is the best option for uses across the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, particularly in high pressure environments, with many options within the range for various applications.

The high performance magnets can be operated at liquid temperatures of up to 662 degrees F without external cooling and because the rear shell is made of one single piece with no welding and an ellipsoidal profile, higher pressures can also be utilised without loss of activity.

Furthermore, the two versions - standard construction AISI 316 and Hastelloy C276 high pressure version - provide a safe and efficient solution with a maximum system pressure of 50BAR and 150BAR respectively. A titanium alloy upgrade further boosts performance at high pressures and increases efficiency still further and the hydraulic barrier between two stages is made of a special high pressure lip seal to give added security when this sealless pump is working in high pressure situations.

The "barrel" construction with back inserted volute rings gives the best hydraulic alignment and the longest wear rings life, ensuring the pumps offer usability and longevity. The particular design of the hydraulic, with a self-balancing impeller, also improves wear ring life.

Among the range are pumps with two and four stages, with or without centrifugal inducer to minimise the required NPSH up to 0.6m, allowing the pumping of condenseds and all low available NPSH installations.

The RWP Quick Change Cartridge Kit allows fast and easy maintenance while the sealing system with flat gaskets prevents product from leaking into the atmosphere. Field assembling of the product lubricated bearing arrangement requires no special tools and bearings come in four different materials to provide the best solution for any application. Silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, carbon to allow a dry running situation and PTFEC/G for applications where carbon cannot be used are the options.

Elastic rings reduce the sleeve bearing loads and thrust bearing loads to the minimum, guaranteeing many years of operation without the need for maintenance. The specially-designed high power synchronous magnetic coupling and mechanical locking of rare earth magnetic elements also put this sealless pump at the top of the range.

Environmental resistance is offered through the use of epoxy primer and polycyclic enamel water-based painting and the hydraulic barrier between the two stages.