Screw Conveyor Seal From Meco

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Screw Conveyor Seal From Meco

Date Added: 16th March 2010

Meco’s HB screw conveyor seal is a replacement for wastepack housings which is available in five different CEMA standard sizes for US screws and eleven different metric sizes, all available in one of five different seal housings manufactured from FDA nylon, anodized aluminum or 316L stainless steel which accommodate standard flange bearings as well as added size shafts of as large as 4.07 inches (or 103 millimeters).

The HB is a soft-faced, full contact seal for mechanical shafts which offers all of the durability and top quality performance which MECO seals are known for, as well as the company’s first class customer service. The HB screw conveyor seal is ideally suited for bucket elevators, smaller blenders, scrolls and a variety of other rotating machinery as well as screw conveyors and works with horizontal, vertical and inclined shafts.

Meco HB seals are constructed with two stationary seal faces made from stainless steel which attach to the housing, which contains a low friction rotating seal face assembly with drive elastomer and replaceable rotors which interlock to form a airtight, watertight seal. The seal faces maintain full contact with the stationary faces of the screw conveyor seal at right angles to the shaft.

The cavity of the HB seal is charged with air or inert gas at low pressure to allow pneumatic loading of the seal face and act as an additional barrier. The high quality construction of the seal minimizes gas consumption. Viton or FDA white silicone elastomers are available to offer seals which are suited for virtually any applications. HB seals come with bearing grade polymer filled PTFE MECO 300 rotors as standard, but these and all other components of the MECO HB screw conveyor seal may be replaced individually to meet the demands of a particular application.