Process Project Management From Endress+Hauser

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Process Project Management From Endress+Hauser

Date Added: 4th May 2012

In businesses of all types and of all sizes, effective process project management is not just a key component of internal efficiency, but can also drive competitive advantage.

Endress+Hauser presents a unique worldwide network of ‘Centres of Competence' - each of which provides specialist expertise in a designated field of process management.  In the UK, our Manchester centre specialises in:

- Field network engineering

- Energy management solutions

- Tank farm automation

Like each of our international centres, our Manchester headquarters expertly delivers application-based, automation-based and field-based process project management solutions.  With absolutely the best technical expertise and resources on hand, we have the technology and the initiative to expertly implement each and every element of your field network engineering project.

We offer a wide range of service levels to meet your unique business needs, from consultancy and complementary services to full process project management.  The targeted expertise of our UK centre allows the fast and efficient provision of project deliverables, ensuring only the very highest standards at every stage of the process - from initial project execution to after sales service and support.

Endress+Hauser in the UK is compliant with ISO 9001 quality management standards, and is fully accredited for the supply of intelligent automation systems.

Harmonised engineering processes

In addition to the unique and specialised technical expertise that powers our UK centre, Endress+Hauser has developed standardised and clearly defined process project management practices and structures that are followed in each of our centres worldwide.

We understand that evaluating and managing risk lies at the heart of all business decisions, and is an integral part of any project.  Our universal quality process - known as Standard 201 - helps manage and minimise risk by providing an absolute assurance that our teams work to a rigorous set of standards and practices that have been specifically designed to improve communication, assure the quality of process project management results, and ultimately drive customer satisfaction.

We passionately believe in assuring the right resources are deployed in the right place at the right time, and by using flexible project teams with clearly defined responsibilities, we assure that the right people are involved at every single stage of a project.

From day one, an experienced project manager will head up your project, with ultimate responsibility for all key decisions, and quality and risk management.  At crucial moments of the process project management, we introduce risk management resources to carry out:

 - Risk identification

 - Risk analysis

 - Risk response planning

 - Risk monitoring and control

By adopting a ‘Quality Gate' system, we further assure consistency and quality by introducing a control checklist for each stage of the project.  This must be checked and signed off by the overall project manager before the project can move to the next stage.

Our highly experienced and flexible teams, coupled with our unique standardised Endress+Hauser quality and risk management approach, will ensure delivery of process project management solutions that will meet and exceed your company's needs.