Process Clamp Meters From Fluke

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Process Clamp Meters From Fluke

Date Added: 8th November 2011

Fluke process clamp meters are the answer to a number of common problems which can cause significant delays in the production process, not to mention a great deal of aggravation for everyone involved. For instance, many people spend a lot more time than they would like testing input and output on an external console, breaking the loop by removing wires to take mA signal measurements with tools which require that troubleshooting be performed using mA input and output, making calls into control rooms to isolate loops and most inconvenient of all, going back to the shop again and again to retrieve additional tools and instruments.

When you use process clamp meters from Fluke, you can eliminate these annoyances and essentially reclaim hours of your day; and saving time is exactly what these sophisticated clamp meters are designed to do. You can take accurate mA signal measurements for control systems and PLC with analog input and output without having to break the loop since it allows you to make a correlation between an actual physical value and process indication, all without causing delays by requiring that the process be disrupted.

You won’t need to remember to carry loop calibrators or return to your shop for them when you come across bad signals because of non-contact; Fluke’s process clamp meters can confirm non-contact measurements and allow you to continue troubleshooting without delays – even in confined spaces with the detachable clamps featured in the Fluke 771, 772 and 773 models of clamp meters.

Other features of Fluke clamp meters include:


Fluke’s 773 process clamp meters provide users with additional features including VDC sourcing and measurement, ideal for detecting 24V loop power, dual channel mA measurement and sourcing for easy troubleshooting and scaled mA output (4 – 20 mA).