Pressure Measurement

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Pressure Measurement

Date Added: 4th May 2012

The Endress + Hauser range of pressure measurement equipment includes kit ideal for any situation. Under the selection of Cerabar pressure sensors are the S, M and T ranges, with several pieces of equipment in each ensuring pressure measurement is easy and accurate no matter what the environment.

Pressure is an important measurement variable and must be tightly controlled to avoid breakdowns or unusable results in any manufacturing setup. The Cerabar pressure sensor range was designed to offer outstanding performance for the life science industry and ensure the environment can be accurately regulated.

The pressure sensors are HART and Profibus compatible, allowing operatives to make the most of the benefits associated with field bus networked devices.

Cerabar M series

The Cerabar M series of overload-resistant pressure transmitters measures the gauge and absolute pressure of gas, vapour and liquid.

A ceramic sensor means long-term stability and the ability to remain accurate even under sudden pressure peaks. The smooth surface, no oil fill and flush mounting connections make Cerabar M pressure measurement equipment popular in industries conforming to 3-A, FDA and EHEDG approvals.



The metallic sensor version can withstand pressures up to 700bar and temperatures up to 350 degrees C and has a range of wetted-part options including Hastelloy and Monel.

Cerabar S series

The Cerabar S models of pressure transmitters are utilised in a wide variety of processes and industries. This equipment is particularly well-suited to high-demand applications, where precise pressure measurement and long-term stability are a must.

The Quick Setup menu makes configuration easy and reliable for all users, who just need to select pressure, level or flow using the graphic matrix before commencing the run.

Cerabar S kit also has a range of hygienic process connections for flush mounting, as well as a stainless steel housing that can withstand CIP/SIP cleaning.

Cerabar T series

There are two options in the Cerabar T range of pressure measurement equipment, featuring a ceramic or a metal sensor.

The polysilicon sensor pressure transducer can be used for absolute and gauge pressures up to 400 bar, with a version also available for hazardous areas. It is extremely stable with up to four times overload resistance and either a flush diaphragm process connection or manometer connection.

The metal option is the ideal pressure transducer for hygienic processes, with flush-mounted process connections with metal diaphragm. It conforms to 3A guidelines and is also available with a 3.1.B inspection certificate. Only 316L stainless steel is used in areas that make contact with the process.