Mass Flow System For Ducts And Stacks From Sierra

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Mass Flow System For Ducts And Stacks From Sierra

Date Added: 26th October 2010

Measuring the flow rate of processes within industrial environments is vital, not only to production, but also to the long-term calculations of throughput and overall costings.

For smaller systems, it can be relatively easy to monitor flow rates, but when you find yourself in a much larger environment, it becomes much more difficult - that's where Sierra's Multi-Trak Model 670S comes in. This is a state of the art flow meter that can measure the mass flow rates in large stacks or ducts.

In most cases, you will find that the Multi-Trak system is used in steel manufacturing, coal-fired electric power generation, petrochemical refining, and virtually any other industry that uses gas flow.

This system is deployed with an innovative microprocessor 'Human Machine Interface' or HMI, which is capable of controlling each function.

The HMI can collect data and even provide a visual for that data. It will also integrate the flow measurement functions, field validation, diagnostics, and the display of mass flow rate.

The technology used to control these systems relies on some of the best electronic components and configurations in the industry and the Sierra name is well know for producing extremely high quality instruments.

Visual monitoring and analysis are key in today's flow management devices, and this product delivers in all areas.

The 670S has applications within many petrochemical and power generation processes/environments and therefore offers great flexibility.

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