QuadraTherm Mass Flow Meters

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QuadraTherm Mass Flow Meters

Date Added: 16th April 2013

Sierra Instruments’ QuadraTherm mass flow meters are, quite simply, the most accurate in the world. Available in inline (780i) and insertion (640i) versions, they offer all of the benefits of thermal technology, including a wide turndown ratio, very low drop in pressure, absence of moving parts, high flexibility in application and direct measurement of gas mass flow rate. On top of those advantages, QuadraTherm meters add extreme ‘percent of reading’ accuracy which rivals that of coriolis instruments.

Thanks to their four sensors, including the no-drift DrySense velocity sensor, and working with the gTherm algorithm set, QuadraTherm mass flow meters are capable of outstanding precision. For the inline 780i flow meter, the accuracy is +/- 0.5% of reading above 50% of full scale, and for the insertion 640i version the corresponding figure is +/- 0.75%. In each case these figures have been verified by an independent laboratory accredited by NIST and NVLAP.

In the field, QuadraTherm mass flow meters can be adapted to different gases and pipe sizes using their Dial-A-Gas and Dial-A-Pipe facilities. These are controlled by gTherm, which can be seen as the ‘brain’ of the instrument. Via the internet, gTherm updates the flow meter and connects it to Sierra’s own gTherm Gas Library which is kept constantly up to date.

The 780i inline mass flow meter has inbuilt flow conditioning elements which reduce its requirement for a straight run. After a 90-degree bend, most instruments would need 15 diameters of straight pipeline. By contrast, QuadraTherm needs just one diameter upstream and none downstream, which makes it ideal for tight situations.

The 640i insertion air mass flow meter features a probe insertion point with a diameter of just 0.75 inch – or 19.1 mm – which simplifies process installation.

Both versions will measure anything up to 60,000 sfpm – or 305 smps – and their turndown is 100:1. To create a truly multivariable mass flow meter, measuring pressure as well as mass flow rate and temperature, a pressure sensor is added to the probe.

QuadraTherm has found many applications in custody transfer, waste water treatment, hazardous areas, facilities management and general process control.

Further information is available at www.sierrainstruments.com. It includes a selection chart to identify which version is right for each set of conditions, but Sierra’s applications engineers will also be happy to discuss applications individually and identify the ideal product. To ensure maintenance of peak performance, QuadraTherm flow meters are supported by a field calibration validation and meter diagnostics package.