Mass Air Flow Meter For Process Control Systems

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Mass Air Flow Meter For Process Control Systems

Date Added: 12th November 2010

A critical aspect of many different kinds of industrial processes is measuring the flow rates of gas masses as well as the low flow and the peaks. Accurate monitoring is imperative to gain valuable readings that offer us insights into the right piping and other items for any given job. Sierra Instruments offers a quality insertion type flow meter that can easily be used in the piping or ducts that measure up to seventy two inches in the Sierra Instruments Steel-Mass Model 640S.

One of the global leaders in measurement and flow control equipment today, Sierra recommends that industrial users select the Steel Mass Model 640S mass air flow meter when you require accurate measurement for natural gases, for combustion flow, for emission control and measurement and for aeration basin types of air flow. Each of the Sierra flow meters is backed by a proprietary Dry-Sense Sensor Technology and a lifetime money back warranty if the product does not meet or exceed your expectations or does not perform satisfactorily.

One dramatic advantage of the Sierra Instruments Steel-Mass Model 640S mass air flow meter range is the ability to customize the flow meter to be used as you need to use it. It can be customized in multiple ways for use in intake applications as well as for velocity measurements.

You may elect to customize your flow meter by the use of a longer probe, higher options for temperature readings, a self cleaning option for use in more dirty environments, as well as a wide range of different processing type of connectors even including hot tap options. You may also elect customization of the arrays for use in a very large type of duct-work, and use a touch panel to provide for operation of the system.

The Steel-Mass range of mass air flow meter products from Sierra also offer you a very unique kind of electronic application. Known as the Smart Electronics Package, they provide for range, adjustment and for diagnostics as well as validation of your findings so that you are sure that all of your measurements are as accurate as you need them to be.

The Steel mass can also be used as a certified flow meter for the measurement of greenhouse gases. It meets the standards that the EPA requires of meters and is highly accurate when used for methane as well as PFCs and CO2 as the EPA requires.