Magmeter For Every Budget

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Magmeter For Every Budget

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Endress+Hauser's Experience & Industry Leadership

Endress+Hauser have been making electromagnetic flowmeters for over 50 years and each year they produce over 130,000 of their Promag range of magmeter products to suit every conceivable application and budget.  What is more, Endress+Hauser continues to hold the global lead in the manufacture and support of a complete range of measurement devices to suit every duty in the processing industries.  Endress+Hauser, in striving for continuous improvement, provide a complete consultancy support service for working with their clients on process plant flow measurement.

Principle of Operation

The Promag range of electromagnetic flow meter sensors and transmitters measure the flow of virtually all fluids and suspensions that have an electrical conductivity greater than 1μSiemens/cm. The fluids include water, wastewater, sludge, slurries, pastes, acids, alkalis, juices and fruit pulp.  

One of the most useful characteristics of the magmeter is that it measures volumetric flow for both small-scale and large applications that is not affected by pressure, density, viscosity or temperature. The Progmag range of flow sensors gives every opportunity for accuracy, stability and reliability of output.   Typical accuracies of between ±0.2 and 0.5% throughout the measurement range are quite achievable, provided of course, the pipeline remains full.  

Standards and Quality

Promag's robust magmeters and linings use a wide range of materials in their construction and the pipeline connections are available in EN (DIN), ANSI. JIS, AWWA and AS standards.  Transmitter outputs will fit into the concept of a unified operation for process control including the fieldbus interface, software packages and quality certification standards.     

Low Budget Applications - No Compromise

For low budget applications, the Promag range of sensors has the options of the HART and PROFIBUS compatibility which still gives the benefits of the range but without any compromise on performance or quality.  In the same vein, the optional 2-wire technology offers lower power consumption and reduced installation costs.

Some Applications:

The Promag D magflow meter, with its innovative wafer process connection design, has been especially developed for water and utilities applications. Its compact shape is a perfect lightweight solution for both plastic and metal pipeline installation where space is at a premium such as can be found on skid-mounted water treatment plant.

The Promag L range of meters has been developed with the water and wastewater industry as OEM or a retro-fit where the typical problem of flange alignment is often encountered.  The pair of rotating lap-joint flanges ensures proper alignment of bolt holes as well as saving up to 30% weight over solid flange designs, thus giving a cost-effective solution.