Liquid Analysis

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Liquid Analysis

Date Added: 4th May 2012

The Endress + Hauser Liquiline CM442 is the ideal equipment for liquid analysis in any industry or situation.

It is a digital multiparameter controller for process monitoring and control in industrial and environmental applications and commonly used in water and wastewater processing units, power plants and the chemical industry, thanks to its robust, corrosion-resistant plastic.

The modular four-wire controller for analyzing liquids is available as a one-channel or two-channel version, both based on the Memosens technology. This revolutionized the safety of data transmission by digitalizing the measuring signal in the sensor and transferring it to the transmitter inductively via a non-contact connection.

This ensures liquid analysis is resistant to environmental influences and eliminates interference. The digital measured value transmission automatically gives an error message if the signal flow is interrupted, dramatically improving reliability and availability of the measuring point.


The Liquiline CM442 makes analyzing liquids a much more accurate and straightforward process in many ways.

Just one controller is needed for six parameters, meaning fewer field devices are required, less downtime and no hardware additions when changing from one parameter to another.



It offers the highest process safety during liquid analysis through the easy and clear menu guidance, uniform, intuitive operating concept and easy and comfortable operation with the navigator.

Maximum processing time is aided by the Memosens technology, which allows precalibration in the laboratory and plug and play connection of the sensors, preconfiguration of the Liquiline controller, and easy connection, extension and adaptation to different terminals and requirements.

Furthermore, minimum stock-keeping is required with the water process monitoring kit, thanks to the platform-wide modular concept, which features identical, parameter-independent components, and the effective asset management by integration in Fieldcare and W@M.