Hydrogen Sulphide Detection From Crowcon

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Hydrogen Sulphide Detection From Crowcon

Date Added: 4th May 2012

Crowcon’s expertise in providing world class protection from hydrogen sulfide and other toxic and flammable gases is the reason that their instruments are the top choice of engineers and compliance personnel in every environment where gas hazards are a concern.

The Eikon personal gas alarm is part of Crowcon’s line of state of the art hydrogen sulphide detection equipment; this instrument is designed to provide continuous monitoring for two years and is durable enough to be used in any environment. Meeting IP65 standards for water and dust resistance, this rugged intrinsically safe monitor requires no maintenance is available in models which detect chlorine, ammonia, carbon monoxide, oxygen deficiency and hydrogen sulfide, alerting the user with audio and visual alarms.

Requiring no training whatsoever, the Eikon personal gas alarm is the ideal gas hazard detector for personnel working in petroleum refineries and other settings where potential releases of H2S pose a risk.

The Crowcon Flamgard Plus is designed for the detection of hydrogen, hydrocarbons and other potentially flammable and/or explosive gases, such as gasoline and aircraft fuel vapors. The Flamgard Plus is flameproof and uses toxin-resistant pellistors for accurate detection of hydrogen sulfide and other flammable gases in explosive concentrations.

Unlike many other flammable gas detectors, the Flamgard Plus can be calibrated with relative ease using the unit’s magnetic key and display, eliminating the need to open junction boxes or obtain hot work permits for calibration. Built from a marine grade alloy with rugged polyester coating designed for durability under even the harshest of conditions with minimal maintenance, the Crowcon Flamgard Plus is water and dust resistant to IP65 standards (optionally, up to IP66 standards).

Crowcon offers three models of this detector: the Flamgard Plus for hydrogen sulphide detection and other flammable gases, the TXgard Plus for the detection of toxic gases and oxygen levels; both the Flamgard and TXgard provide local displays as well as optional relays for remote display. The TXgard-IS+ is also available, an intrinsically safe toxic gas and oxygen level detector with a local display only.

With all of the durability and accuracy that Crowcon is known for, the Flamgard Plus (as well as the Txgard and Txgard-IS) are a line of gas detectors which can be relied upon to provide a safe working environment under any conditions and in any industry where hydrogen sulfide and other flammable, explosive or toxic gases and oxygen levels are a concern.

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