H2S Detector From Crowcon

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H2S Detector From Crowcon

Date Added: 11th November 2010

Crowcon is well known for its line of H2S detector and other hazardous gas detection equipment. Crowcon's SafEye range of gas detectors includes the SafEye 200, an Open Path IR model and the SafEye 400, an Open Path UV model. Both are line of sight detectors which provide safety to manufacturing facilities through the accurate detection of hydrocarbon gas concentrations over a area up to 460 feet.

Toxic, corrosive or flammable gases can be detected in PPM (parts per million) or LEL (lower exposure limit) levels, with the instruments being more than sensitive enough to detect even concentrations which are in the low PPM range.

The SafEye 200 H2S detector uses Open Path Infrared technology to reliably detect and measure the concentration of Hydrogen Sulfide (a model is also available which detects hydrocarbon emissions). Durably constructed from your choice of aluminum or stainless steel, the Crowcon SafEye 200 is explosion proof, meeting UL, GOST-R and ATEX standards. This instrument is also resistant to the elements, being able to operate outdoors in harsh winter weather, providing accurate results even under heavy fog as well as rainy and snowy conditions.

Ideally suited for detecting hazardous gas emissions in any kind of environment indoors or out, the Crowcon SafeEye 200 H2S detector has the kind of reliability, durability and accurate performance that customers worldwide have come to expect from Crowcon. 

The Crowcon SafEye 400 uses Open Path Ultraviolet technology and is designed for the monitoring and detection of Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia and other toxic gases in extremely low concentrations over a line of sight of 330 feet (100 meters). This detector offers the quick detection needed for a rapid response to toxic gas leaks, providing an exceptional level of safety and since it can replace several point detectors due to its outstanding line of sight range, savings as well.

This H2S detector features advanced optics which are immune to the conditions which tend to cause false alarms in many lesser quality gas detectors, such as flares, sunlight and reflected radiation, allowing the SafEye 400 to be a reliable detector of Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, Toulene, Styrene, Benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbon gases. It's also accurate across a wide range of temperatures, making it usable in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments, regardless of climate or conditions specific to the manufacturing environment.

Both the SafeEye 200 and 400 models of H2S detector can be networked through an integrated RS-485 output to a PC to form a network of as many as 64 detectors, creating comprehensive gas detection coverage for even the largest of facilities.