Gas Mass Flow Controller With Dependable Measurements

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Gas Mass Flow Controller With Dependable Measurements

Date Added: 10th May 2012

Internationally respected manufacturer of flow measurement and control solutions, Sierra Instruments, offer the most advanced range of gas mass flow meters and controllers currently available. The SmartTrak 100 series of premium mass flow controllers provides accurate and reliable control and measurement of gases, incorporating Sierra’s cutting edge design — including highly advanced sensor, valve and laminar flow element technologies.

Combining innovative technology with simple and user-friendly operation, the Sierra SmartTrak 100 range offers unmatched flexibility and control in a high-performance product. Bringing more than 35 years of mass flow instrument experience to the product’s design, Sierra considers the SmartTrak 100 its flagship product, and it’s easy to see why.

Ensuring maximum accuracy and optimum repeatability, the SmartTrak 100 incorporates Laminar Flow Element (LFE) technology — an innovative, inherently linear design that offers greater performance than any other mass flow controller. The product also includes Sierra’s patented Dial-A-Gas feature, which allows the instrument to be used on up to ten separate gases at the press of a button.

Flexibility and adaptability lie at the core of the SmartTrak 100 range. Instruments are designed to remain within specifications, even if the actual process conditions vary from your initial predictions. You can also easily reconfigure the SmartTrak 100 on site if either system requirements or flow conditions change considerably.

By utilising direct-acting valve technology, the mass flow controller is also able to compensate for a wide variety of gas pressure and temperature variations. The system also allows users to manually adjust response characteristics (including PID values) to account for system pressure design changes or multiple applications.

Sierra’s SmartTrak 100 series has won industry recognition: it has been recognised as the leading mass flow controller by both Flow Control and Gases & Technology Magazine, with judges rating the product highly for ease of use, maintainability, innovation, cost effectiveness, quality and environmental responsibility.